Our Business

Software Services

Software service provides customers one-stop IT services from internal management informatisation to external Internet application. Enterprise management informatisation includes collaborative office, integrated management, supply chain management, master data management, application integration, etc.

System Integration

Richfit Canada IT operation & maintenance business provides infrastructure operation & maintenance service, hosting service, technology consultation and other services. Its’ business is supported by comprehensive service platform integrating resources monitoring and process management.

ERP Consulting

ERP Consulting provides business process optimization and management consulting, overall planning of ERP informatisation, ERP system industrial solution, ERP system operation maintenance, and upgrades. With business outsourcing services also provided to enterprises. Currently, the ERP team operates in development & production, engineering.

Digital Oilfield

In the digital oilfield domain Richfit Canada has established field exploration and production data management, reservoir collaborative research, production management and operations management and decision-making support. As well as integrated design, development and implementation services. Additionally, Richfit Canada provides onsite production, technical and management personnel for planning, design, development, implementation, operations and maintenance and other service.