Java Developer



  • Complete the implementation of the software system code, write code comments and development documents;
  • Assist in the function definition and program design of the system;
  • Complete code writing, debugging, testing and maintenance according to design documents or requirements;
  • Analyze and solve problems in the software development process.


  • Bachelor degree or above in computer science and/or related majors;
  • Proficiency in java, jsp, servlet, html, javascript, Ajax programming; familiar with the configuration of mainstream j2ee application server;
  • Proficiency in common techniques such as database and data structure;
  • Understand the development and configuration of mainstream frameworks such as struts, spring, mybatis, and hibernate;
  • Understand object-oriented analysis and design, and have strong analysis and design capabilities;
  • Fluent in English or French.


CNPC Richfit, Beijing, China

How to apply

Please email your resumé to with subject ” [CNPC Richfit Recruitment] + your name + position”. If your resumé submitted is in English, please also submit your Chinese resumé.


This recruitment is for Chinese students studying in Canadian universities (20/21 graduates). All resumé sent to Richfit Canada will be redirected to CNPC Richfit HQ. Once we received and evaluated your resumé, you could be invited to an interview with the CNPC Richfit HQ.