• Responsible for informatization related work such as oilfield geological engineering integration, wellbore engineering, drilling engineering, etc., including project demand investigation, analysis, design, configuration development, and field implementation;
  • Responsible for effective communication with customers, accurately understand customer needs, and design reasonable and feasible solutions;
  • Responsible for program research and report writing, and formulate related methodology;
  • Responsible for project implementation and completion of project delivery, and accumulation of industry solutions.


  • Geology, oil reservoirs, petroleum engineering related majors;
  • Participated in geological engineering double sweet-spot evaluation, single well block measure optimization, oil and gas field engineering and other geological engineering integration research and consulting services, etc., understand petroleum geology theory, have a certain degree of multi-well comparison, reservoir description and geological modelling methods, etc. Understand and familiar with the related applications of geomechanics research in the field of engineering technology, and familiar with the combination of geological consultation and field service of engineering technology;
  • Familiar with drilling, completion, fracturing, etc., have the ability to prepare design plans, and able to use several mainstream engineering design software proficiently;
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills;
  • Fluent in English or French.


CNPC Richfit, Beijing, China

How to apply

Please email your resumé to with subject ” [CNPC Richfit Recruitment] + your name + position”. If your resumé submitted is in English, please also submit your Chinese resumé.


This recruitment is for Chinese students studying in Canadian universities (20/21 graduates). All resumé sent to Richfit Canada will be redirected to CNPC Richfit HQ. Once we received and evaluated your resumé, you could be invited to an interview with the CNPC Richfit HQ.